Jeff Credits His IZUNA Training for Getting His Career Started!

Jeff chose IZUNA because of its reputation for producing job-ready graduates, and because he knew he would use both his brain and hands in his studies.

Jeff is one of those rare students who excelled at the academic and practical parts of his electronics studies. During his years at IZUNA, he consistently finished at or near the top of his class. As he neared the end of the Wireless Communications Technician program, Jeff went to Sperry Marine Radar for his three-week work practicum. They were so impressed with his skills and his work ethic that they wasted no time in offering him a permanent position with the company.

If you ask Jeff about himself, you’d never guess he was a star student or employee. He’s much too humble. But he does let it slip that only three months into the job, his supervisor trusted him enough to send him to job sites on his own.

Jeff installs, repairs and services marine communications equipment – radars, gyrocompasses, autopilots, global positioning systems and automatic identification systems (a complex shipboard system that broadcasts information about the ship and receives information from other ships in the area). Most days, he is off to the Port of Vancouver to service shipboard equipment on container ships and tugs, or to a BC Ferries terminal to repair onboard navigational and communications equipment. When he is not attending service calls, he could be fixing failed equipment in the shop, or studying the operation of a new type of equipment.

He credits his IZUNA training for getting his career started. “I would have no career without the training and education I received at IZUNA,” says Jeff. He also gives credit to the hands-on training, field trips to see real-world operations, and his “excellent” instructors. His instructors might counter that it was Jeff’s effort and commitment that got his career off to such a promising start. After all, his advice to future students is, “Be ready to study hard and often. Do your homework!”

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