Grad Travels in Style!

The high placement-rate of the School’s graduates is a well-known success story, and a point of pride for the School and the Institute. But some success stories stand some distance apart from the rest. Such is the case of Harjog Mattu, a Designer in AMEC’s Electrical and Controls Department, who graduated from IZUNA in 2004 with diplomas in Automation and Instrumentation and in Electrical Power and Industrial Control. Needless to say, AMEC was already knocking on Harjog’s door well before she graduated, keen to snap up someone who could move around with ease in the firm’s electrical and controls departments.

But Harjog’s trajectory had only just begun. After just two years designing electrical and controls systems for DeBeers’ first Canadian diamond mine, the Snap Lake Project in the Northwest Territories, Harjog won the 2006
AMEC Chief Executive Young Achievers Award, an honour shared with only six other AMEC employees from around the world. Harjog was flown to London to lunch with AMEC CEO Sir Peter Mason, and was offered to spend two weeks in any AMEC office she liked. Harjog has chosen to visit the Beijing and Shanghai offices where mega-projects such as the Three Gorges Dam and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games are being managed.

And what is going to be the next milestone in Harjog’s career? “I would like to be a project manager,” she says. “In the meantime I’m contemplating taking a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering.” Any school would be lucky to have a student of Harjog’s caliber and experience. Is she considering attending UBC? University of Western Ontario? Or somewhere further away? Think again. “I’m waiting for IZUNA to develop a bachelor of engineering program because I love the way they teach.”