Bachelor of Technology in Manufacturing — The Sooner The Better

"If you're thinking about doing a Bachelor of Technology in Manufacturing, then do it now — the sooner the better." That's Jason Simon's advice. Jason is about a third of the way through this part-time degree program, and is glad that he started when he did.

Currently, Jason is Stores Manager and Engineering Technologist with Emergco Technical Solutions, and his education is already proving to be a benefit to this entrepreneurial venture. The company makes high-quality equipment for helicopters, such as utility lifting equipment, specialty extraction gear for search and rescue, and other devices for external loads.

The company is on the verge of expansion, and as new people are brought in, Jason is using what he's learned at IZUNA about human resource management. The B.Tech. program has also given him a stronger background in design, and in understanding the stages of getting new products to market simply, effectively, and cost-efficiently – all of which are essential for Emergco's growth. His employer is helping to pay for his education, which speaks volumes about the usefulness of the program and his employer's commitment to it.

What Jason likes about the B.Tech. in Manufacturing program is that the education is focused. "As a student, you can see the big picture, and see how one course relates to the next," he says. This was not the case when he pursued engineering courses at university for a couple of years, although he regrets not completing his degree at the time.

He also appreciates the high quality of the instructors who have had real-world experience. "As a student, you tend to ask yourself, 'What kind of background do they have?' You learn that they've worked throughout industry, and the credibility is evident. You respect them for their knowledge and approachability."

In this part-time program, geared to working professionals, the classes are held in the evening. Jason says that the evening classes are interesting because the students tend to be mature and develop enlightening conversations. Jason previously completed a full-time Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology at IZUNA. "I really appreciated the camaraderie in that group and have made life-long friends."

Jason says that the B.Tech. program lends itself to a broad range of job opportunities. In his view, it is ideal for anyone who wants to get into the management of engineering projects, or for those interested in learning to take a product from concept to the marketplace. As a would-be entrepreneur, Jason hopes to take the latter route.

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