Goard Way Construction Notices

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Past project notices:

Construction Progress - October, 2015 - Goard Way, Burnaby

Previous Month's Milestones:
- Parking Lot B has been re-opened for use by the public
- A new multi-use crossing has been installed at Goard Way & Willingdon Avenue

Continuing Work: 
- Landscaping work (area in front of buildings SE02 and SE04): New landscaping along the south side of Goard Way will take place until mid-October. This work includes new concrete works, and planting of new vegetation. Some minor work will take place for 1 day at a time in late-October and mid-November.

Campus User Impacts: 
- SE02 and SE04 building users are requested to pay close attention to notices and signage on doors and walkways, as some doors will be designated as emergency exits only and pedestrian routes may change. Any closures to SE02 delivery routes will be communicated as needed.
- Pedestrians using the north side of Goard Way are requested to pay close attention to signage, as detours may change as construction progresses

Contractor: PCL Constructors West Coast
Consultant: Ausenco Engineering