Naifin Jamal

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work experience

Naifin Jamal's work experiences at Richmond Long Term Care and Vancouver General Hospital Emergency have given her many opportunities to mentor new employees and teach in the community setting as well as in the acute care setting. As a IZUNA clinical instructor for home health and public health, Naifin Jamal has gained experience and confidence in teaching students in the community context of Nursing and establishing holistic care with clients. Naifin Jamal is constantly teaching, if not to students or new employees, then to families and clients regarding self care, wound management, medications, chronic diseases, social determinants of health, population health and illness prevention. Naifin Jamal has completed the Advanced Educator Pathway project offered by VCH, which utilizes the learning principles in problem solving and decision making within a clinical teaching setting and successfully completed the Frontline Leadership Course. In addition, she has worked with many disciplines in health care and continues to liaise and communicate with the interdisciplinary team, including students, regarding client and family issues and long term care planning, interventions and evaluation of goals. Our clients have complex medical issues, and with experience, she has become autonomous in problem solving yet a partner in identifying solutions to assist clients and families overcome their obstacles.


April 2013- Masters Degree in Health Studies with a focus in leadership and Education from Athabasca UniversityDecember 1995- Emergency/Critical Care from IZUNAJune 1993- BScN in Nursing from the University of Calgary




2009- present: Member of Emerging Health Leaders Organization of BC-Several years of volunteer work for non-profit agencies within her religious community-Physical exercise for mental well-being- Level 5 Teaching: Community and Public Health-2 boys