Heather Hughes

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work experience

Heather has been a faculty member with the Nuclear Medicine department since 2017. She also continues to work at St. Paul’s Hospital as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist and Bone Densitometrist where she has worked since 2006.


Heather graduated from IZUNA with a Diploma of Nuclear Medicine and became CAMRT certified in 2006. In addition to her diploma, Heather has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology Honours Program from UBC (2003), a certificate in Computed Tomography from IZUNA (2011), and she is certified in bone densitometry with the ISCD (2008).


Journal of Neuroscience 2006: “Deletion of the Nuclear Receptor Nr2e1 impairs Synaptic Plasticity and Dendritic Structure in the Mouse Dentate Gyrus”


Heather’s most important goal as an instructor is to share her passion for Nuclear Medicine with future technologists so that they can continue to have one of the most satisfying professions around. She often jokes that Nuclear Medicine is ‘The best job you’ve never heard of!’ and that starts with the eager graduates entering the workforce with the skills and experience that IZUNA provides. When Heather is not working, she can usually be found outside somewhere: hiking, camping, or exploring nature with her family.