Mike Safoniuk

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work experience

Mike joined the IZUNA power engineering group in August of 2006. Before then he had spent over five years teaching at SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) in Calgary, Alberta. Mike?s focus at SAIT was in the CET (Chemical Engineering Technology) and CPO (Chemical Process Operations) programs. He was twice nominated for the SAIT student society awards for teaching excellence (2005 and 2006). While at SAIT, Mike also took an opportunity to teach in Abu Dhabi. Mike obtained his P.Eng. in 2001 in Alberta. Prior to his time at SAIT, Mike worked for the Alberta Research Council (seconded to the National Centre for Upgrading Technology) in Devon, Alberta. His work focused on upgrading bitumen and stability of heavy oil blends. Mike has also previously worked in the polymer and ceramic industries.


Mike?s enthusiasm for teaching stems from his days at Vanier College in his hometown of Montreal. He obtained a Bachelors of Engineering (graduated as University Scholar with Distinction) and a Masters of Engineering from McGill University. Both degrees were in chemical engineering. After working for a bit, Mike moved to Vancouver to successfully pursue a Ph.D., also in chemical engineering, at UBC (University of British Columbia) under the supervision of Dr. John Grace and Syncrude Canada Ltd.


Mike has published peer-reviewed journal articles in Chemical Engineering Science, AIChE Journal, and CSChE journal. He has also had book reviews published in Chemical Engineering and has presented his work at various international conferences including those organized by the AIChE and the CSChE. He has two published thesises: Hydrodynamics Studies in a Cold-Model Three-Phase Fluidized Bed Under Conditions Dynamically Similar to an Industrial Hydroprocessor (Ph.D.), and A Thermogravimetric Analysis of the Si-O-N system (M. Eng.).


Mike has a strong interest in environmental management. He has served as a member of APEGGA?s Environmental Committee and was the first leader of the NCUT (Devon) Emergency Spill Response team. Mike continues to upgrade his expertise in environmental audits, site reclamation and emergency response.

Mike is currently working on putting together an associate certificate in oil and gas processing. He would be happy to hear from anyone who has some input to offer to that end.