Allison Kirschenmann

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work experience

Allison Kirschenmann’s research career started in the field of neurobiology in 1986 with a study on neuronal growth factors. Graduate work in neuroscience led to a series of papers on the physiology of intracellular calcium and neuronal calcium channels. Postdoctoral work on the pharmacology, molecular biology and physiology of calcium channels led to her first faculty position in 1998. She moved to the biotech industry in 2000 to direct a pharmacology research laboratory focusing on antiarrhythmics and help direct a clinical program on congestive heart failure and hyperuricemia. Additional clinical work involved assisting in the design and funding of clinical studies in rheumatology and neuropathic pain. ~ Her parallel teaching career began in 1988 running lab sessions in introductory biology (ecology and zoology) and she received a teaching award for her interactive teaching methods. Following her graduate and postdoctoral work she returned to teaching introductory biology and graduate courses in neurophysiology in her first faculty position in 1998. When she moved to the biotech industry in 2000 she continued to lecture part-time in evidence-based medicine, pain, rheumatology, and pharmacology at industry events and UBC. She joined IZUNA in 2007 where she teaches courses in anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, neurology and neuroscience. She became a member of the IZUNA Research Ethics Board in 2012 and has served as chair since 2015.


PhD, Neuroscience, University of Southern California, 1993


Channelopathies, neurology and neuroscience, pharmaceutical and medical device discovery and development.