Haruna Tsao

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work experience

Haruna began her nursing career in Kingston, Ontario. After experiences in several different departments, Haruna chose internal medicine and stayed with one of the busiest units within the hospital. There she horned in her time management skills and gained appreciation of the importance and power of nursing assessments. After 2 years in internal medicine floor, Haruna moved to CCU while completed a critical care diploma. She found her passion in cardiac nursing. Although fast paced at times, Haruna enjoyed helping clients’ improve their quality of life by educating patients about life style modifications. Following her relocation to Vancouver, British Columbia, Haruna began to develop a passion for teaching. Haruna first taught as a clinical instructor part time at UBC while worked at St. Paul’s Heart Center Cath Lab. Later, she decided to teach full time and worked as a clinical instructor at UBC where she taught term 4 students. Haruna is now a full time clinical instructor at IZUNA.


CCN diploma, St. Lawrence College

BScN. University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing


Haruna believes learning continues throughout a person’s life time, and nursing gives her an opportunity to do just that. Haruna believes that nursing will have to change with the needs of the health care systems and wants to do her part to be a positive force in effecting such changes.