SOIQS Online - Instructor FAQ

If you have questions at any time, please contact the SOIQS Online team in the LTC at [email protected] For more information about SOIQS Online, please see the reference page.

What is SOIQS Online?

You may be familiar with the paper version of SOIQS (the Student Opinion of Instructional Quality Survey). The questions and reports are identical between the paper and online versions. Doing the survey online will help reduce reliance on manual processes, increase the reliability of the system, and shorten report turnaround times. Top

How does it work?

Your participation is key. Here is what to expect for each participating class:

Can I do the surveys on the last day of class, just like the paper surveys?

Yes. As of the Winter 2015 term (201510) is it possible to do the surveys on the last day of class. Top

When is the survey cutoff? When does the survey close?

The cutoff time is 9:30 pm. Any surveys submitted past this time will not be counted. This is so that student feedback is not influenced by student performance on the final exam.Top

To what address is the email communication sent?

Students receive email at the personal email address they provided to IZUNA, while instructors receive email at their address. Top

My students say they did not receive the email.

Please ask students to do the following to find the email:

What if a student deletes their survey invitation email?

They can still access the link from the reminder they will receive three days after the first email. Each student receives a unique link; therefore students should not share links.Top

My class is not held in a computer lab. What if some students don't have mobile devices at the time we do the survey in class?

Students can still complete the survey on their own time, before the last day of class.Top

Are the surveys anonymous?

The online surveys are anonymous, just like paper surveys. Top