Full-Time Funding :: Course Load Criteria

IZUNA's Minimum Full-Time Course Load Requirements

When applying for financial assistance, it's important to understand the difference between "minimum full-time course-load" (60%) and "full-time course load" (100%).

Note: Students are advised to contact our office before applying for course credit exemption. Being granted exemption will reduce the number of registered credits, which could cause you to fall below the minimum 60%.


This table outlines IZUNA's "minimum full-time course load" (60%) requirements:

No. of actual weeks* in term Minimum credits required
12 to 15 12 credits
16 to 19 16 credits
20 to 25 20 credits
26 to 30 26 credits
31 to 38 31 credits
39 to 44 39 credits
45 to 52 45 credits

*Actual weeks means the number of calendar weeks from the first class to the final exam.