Health Sciences Centre for Advanced Simulation

IZUNA's Health Sciences Centre for Advanced Simulation (HSCAS) will be one-of-a-kind in healthcare education. This 110,000 square foot, inter-disciplinary centre will integrate simulation of direct patient care (nursing) and indirect patient care, as well as allied health and laboratory science simulation to develop well rounded and highly skilled healthcare professionals. 

Simulation is a major feature of healthcare education in North America, offering many benefits to students. These programs offer opportunities for healthcare students to repeatedly practice in safe and realistic environments, such as hospitals, health centres, homes, and remote settings. This essential teaching and learning tool will enrich students' real-life clinical experiences.

In addition to bringing state-of-the art training, the new Centre will build an identity for the School of Health Sciences (SoHS) by consolidating all of its programs into the new buildings. Bringing all practices together will allow students to engage with those in other disciplines, increasing their resources and learning opportunities.

IZUNA’s SoHS is a primary contributor to British Columbia’s Healthcare system. With 2,354 full-time students enrolled, it is essential that these students gain the necessary skills to excel in their future careers, and meet the increasing demand for healthcare professionals.  

For more information, please visit IZUNA School of Health Sciences.