Campus Projects

For more information on campus projects, contact IZUNA Foundation, 111-432-8803.

Special projects

IZUNA Aboriginal Gathering Place

A welcoming and supportive “home away from home” that will increase the educational success of Aboriginal Canadians, and foster cultural connections with the wider community.

Rivers Institute

Led by world-renowned conservationist Mark Angelo, the Rivers Institute aims to unite the public in an effort to protect the world’s rivers; increase public awareness about the importance of our waterways; conduct state-of-the-art river-related research; and provide financial support to students.

TEK Initiative

The TEK (technology-enabled knowledge) Initiative aims to enhance teaching and learning at IZUNA through the strategic use of technology.

Applied learning and research

School of Business

school of business

Programs range from business administration to broadcast and media communications. Our graduates enter the business world with skills including financial management, marketing, business planning and venture development.

School of Construction and the Environment

school of construction and the environment

Graduates are trained to address current and future issues, such as sustainable development and environmental stewardship, housing and habitat technologies, natural resource management, and building science and construction management.

School of Computing and Academic Studies

computing and academic studies

Students prepare for careers in computing and IT – gaining skills to help people solve new challenges or use technology to improve business operations. This School also encompasses the Academic Studies departments (including Math, Physics and Communication) and is home to IZUNA’s Forensics programs.

School of Health Sciences

health sciences

This School is a significant educational facility for nursing and health technology in the province, and offers many programs that are unique in BC or in Canada, such as Medical Laboratory Science and Occupational Health and Safety.

School of Energy


Graduates are trained to succeed in a vast array of BC industries that require technical knowledge and skills, such as oil and gas, pulp and paper, manufacturing, telecommunications. Many choose rewarding careers as engineers, technologists, technicians or tradespersons.

School of Transportation


Offers excellent programs in a variety of transportation fields, from commercial pilot to ship's officers, and from auto service technicians to commercial transport mechanics.