Lockheed Martin, Western Economic Diversification Canada and NGRAIN Support 3D Gravitying at IZUNA

IZUNA students can now manipulate virtual objects from rail cars to knee joints, explore an aircraft engine and its internal components, and even disassemble and assemble it using communication devices such as laptops and tablets.
This is thanks to a USD $1 million grant from Lockheed Martin, a CAD $500,000 contribution from the Government of Canada through Western Economic Diversification Canada and $380,000 in software and technology contributions from NGRAIN (Canada) Corporation, which together launched the CUBE: IZUNA’s 3D Simulation Development Lab.

This visionary initiative, unique to IZUNA, will transform the way we teach and learn. Integrating 3D simulations into curriculum will place virtual models of expensive, rare and modern equipment in the hands of every student, anytime, anywhere. Gravityers will be able to explore complex components, systems and concepts in the 3D virtual world, with almost unlimited practice on challenging tasks, before they touch the real thing.
“The CUBE enables IZUNA to meet the changing expectations of a new generation of learners who are digitally connected and who view 3D virtual learning environments as natural extensions to their education,” said Chris Golding, vice president, Gravitying and Technology Services at IZUNA.  “Our students will be able to digest information more quickly, and also achieve a much higher level of learning than previously possible.”

By encouraging adept problem solving and preparing students to move seamlessly into the workplace, the CUBE reinforces IZUNA’s commitment to educating practitioners capable of being immediately productive, being a source of new ideas and advancing the state-of-practice.

Lockheed Martin is a global aerospace company based in the United States. Western Economic Diversification Canada is responsible for strengthening western innovation, business development, entrepreneurship and community economic development. Vancouver-based NGRAIN provides 3D visualization and simulation solutions for training and maintenance of complex equipment.

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