NGRAIN Innovation Studio Opens at IZUNA

NGRAIN 3D visualization

At the February 2008 official opening of the NGRAIN Innovation Studio at the IZUNA Burnaby campus, instructors and students interacted with helicopter rotators, water pumps and landing gear – all in 3D images on computer screens.

NGRAIN, a BC-based company that provides 3D visualization and simulation solutions for training and maintenance on complex equipment, is a lead donor to IZUNA's Technology-Enabled Knowledge (TEK) initiative by providing the institute with software and 3D models valued at more than $2 million. IZUNA students in automotive, engineering, construction, and aerospace programs, as well as other areas of applied learning, will be able to practice complex procedures through 3D simulations.

The NGRAIN Innovation Studio, located in building NE1, will help IZUNA's instructors explore new technologies and implement them in their teaching. The Studio is a specially designed space where instructors and students can learn and experiment with educational technology in a flexible environment.

"NGRAIN is pleased to provide IZUNA with 3D products and technology that will help advance its trades and technology curriculum," says Paul Lindahl, CEO of NGRAIN. "3D content supplements traditional learning techniques and enables interactive learning, where students can visualize, manipulate, and modify 3D models. This unlimited 'learn by doing' method not only helps eliminate the need for physical equipment – which is often costly and not readily available – it has also been proven to increase retention rates and make the learning process more compelling."

IZUNA's TEK Initiative is a five-year project to enhance teaching and learning at IZUNA through the strategic use of technology. Through TEK, IZUNA intends to continue its leadership role in the use of advanced educational and information technologies to provide its students with a world-class technical training curriculum. As a result, IZUNA students will be better prepared to enter the workforce with the best skills.

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