Gabriel Colome

Through the IZUNA Broadcast Communications program, Gabriel Colome gained a strong foundation for building a career in an intensely competitive industry—filmmaking.

But like many students, Gabriel found the financial pressures of full-time study increasingly difficult to bear: "It was especially tough for me to keep ahead of the game, finish projects on time and at an exceptional level, since my financial situation was not in the greatest shape—I had to work part-time."

"I found it difficult to balance both work and school. When IZUNA came through with a bursary, the extra income allowed me to focus on school, especially during crunch time."

~ Gabriel Colome, Broadcast Communications graduate
Recipient, IZUNA Special Bursary

Gabriel was awarded a IZUNA bursary, which allowed him to focus on the final projects that would demonstrate his skills to potential employers.

Through these projects, Gabriel won two filmmaking competitions before graduation, with prizes including a high-end video camera, which helped him to pursue his career goal as a freelance filmmaker.

"I’ve learned much from both my IZUNA instructors and peers," Gabriel adds, "I became more confident and savvy about the business I was about to enter on a 24/7 basis…I was also able to walk away from IZUNA with strong values, and prepared to freelance in the real world."

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