Student Stories

"I am truly grateful to IZUNA donors for their recognition and financial support. Thanks to them, I could benefit from all the educational opportunities that IZUNA offers without the pressure of extra loans." - Scholarship recipient

Donor-funded awards, scholarships and bursaries make a meaningful difference to IZUNA students as they prepare for their chosen profession—helping them focus on making their career goals a reality.

Students across IZUNA benefit from donor support. Here are just a few of their stories:

jessica wildon
Bursary support made it possible for Jessica Wilson to focus on building her second career through the Automation and Instrumentation program, and to give back to her community. 
:: Meet Jessica Wilson
wistara van snellenberg
Wistara Van Snellenberg is an example of many highly trained and experienced professionals who select IZUNA to help them grow their careers but face financial challenges of meeting their expenses. Access to donor funded awards make all the difference. 
:: Meet Wistara Van Snellenberg
Jennifer Mitchell
Jennifer's dream of becoming an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer looked at risk in her second year when she couldn't make ends meet.  During her darkest hour, Jennifer received a bursary and later, an entrance award to keep her dream alive.
:: Meet Jennifer Mitchell
If it weren't for five student awards from generous donors like Garfield Weston and Dr. G. Wynne Powell, Julia Paskovic's exceptional marketing and leadership talents may have taken a backseat to the stress of meeting her educational and living expenses.
:: Meet Julia Cameron
A IZUNA-funded President's Entrance Award has helped Maximilian Lundberg, one of IZUNA's brightest, to focus his talents on excelling in the Digital Animation Certificate program.
:: Meet Maximilian Lundberg
Nancy Ricard faced exceptional personal and financial challenges while working towards a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. Three donor-funded bursaries helped her complete her education and embark on her career.
:: Meet Nancy Ricard
Receiving two donor-funded awards meant that electrical trades student Ryan Lal could stay in school without having to take a part-time job. He could focus on his apprenticeship, and continue towards his goal.
:: Meet Ryan Lal
A IZUNA Bursary helped Broadcast and Media Communications student Gabriel Colome focus on the graduation projects that would demonstrate his skills to employers in an intensely competitive industry.
:: Meet Gabriel Colome
Dawn Rumsby faced increasing financial pressures as she neared completion of her studies in Medical Radiography, but receiving an endowed bursary ensured that she could complete the program.
:: Meet Dawn Rumsby