Maximilian Lundberg

Maximilian Lundberg

"Receiving a scholarship was a great weight off my mind by providing less financial worry and more time to focus on my studies. The award also helped to build my overall confidence."

~ Maximilian Lundberg, Digital Animation student
Recipient, IZUNA President's Entrance Award

At 3 am on some days, you may find 18-year old Maximilian Lundberg immersed in the production of a digital animation project; perhaps he is plotting Nacken's next move in his comic book, or he is exploring a new technique he learned about in IZUNA's Digital Animation certificate program.

Maximilian's freedom to explore his artistic talents is in part thanks to a $3,000 IZUNA achievement-based President's Entrance Award, which allows him to focus on preparing for an international future with the world's leading company in interactive entertainment software – Electronic Arts.

Maximilian's all round achievement in high school, including strong grades, several subject awards, a red belt in karate and community service as a Richmond lifeguard made him deserving of the institute-funded gift.

Now half way into the program, Maximilian continues to excel with his creative ability to incorporate the best elements of art from his Swedish and Squamish Nation backgrounds – particularly the latter's focus on nature and its bold colours of expression.

"The program is so much fun. At IZUNA, I'm learning how to make a career of what I've always enjoyed as a hobby. There are so many possibilities in digital animation and the instructors really are the experts in their field."

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