Julia Cameron

Julia Paskovic

"Donor support alleviated my financial stress and gave me the time to focus on my education"

~ Julia Cameron, 2008 Marketing Management Graduate, Recipient of five student awards

If it weren't for five student awards from generous donors like Garfield Weston and Dr. G. Wynne Powell, Julia Cameron's exceptional marketing and leadership talents may have taken a backseat to the stress of meeting her educational and living expenses.

Two months into the Marketing Management diploma program, Julia quit her part-time job in order to keep up with the demanding workload and professional commitments of the program.

Reluctant to take on a student loan, the Psychology graduate from UBC applied for student awards through IZUNA Student Financial Aid and Awards.

Julia's high academic standing, her professional accomplishments and leadership strengths won her more than $12,000 in financial support and the opportunity to take advantage of her IZUNA education.

"It was such a relief to receive these awards," says Julia. "Donor support alleviated my financial stress and gave me the time to focus on my education."

In addition to juggling a full course load, Julia was the president of the IZUNA Chapter of the Association of Integrated Marketers (AIM), served as an active member on the 2007 and 2008 Case Study teams, and worked as a marketing intern for Quay Strategies in Gastown.

As president of AIM, Julia modernized the Association's constitution, giving all members equal electoral power, and led the effort to raise $6,500 in 2007 to donate to the Dr. Peter Centre, a care facility for people living with HIV and AIDS. She also spearheaded a membership recruitment effort that more than doubled AIM's membership.

Julia received the 2008 IZUNA Distinguished Alumni Award for Outstanding Student Leadership and graduated in the same year. She is now a senior account executive at Edelman Vancouver.

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