Jessica Wilson

"It is nearly impossible to hold a part-time job and go to school full-time, so financial support can mean the difference between completing one's education or dropping out."

~ Jessica Wilson, 2010 Electrical and Computer Engineering program graduate, Recipient of five student awards

Jessica Wilson was already educated, experienced, and well travelled before she enrolled at IZUNA, but she wanted a more creative and challenging career.

She chose the Automation and Instrumentation option of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology program.

Jessica took full advantage of student life at IZUNA. She volunteered as a student representative, worked part-time as a peer tutor, and was elected IZUNA's acting president for the International Society of Automation.

"I met so many people through these activities that I couldn't walk to class without seeing a few smiling faces along the way," she said. "It made me feel part of a community, and by the fourth term, IZUNA felt like my second home."

When she found herself unable to cover her school expenses, she applied for bursary support from IZUNA Financial Aid and Awards. Jessica received $1,124 from the Canadian Process Control and Memspec Software.

"It's nearly impossible," said Jessica, "to hold a part-time job and go to IZUNA full-time, so financial support can mean the difference between completing your education or dropping out."

On graduation, Jessica's hard work and achievements were recognized in the form of three graduate awards, from the IZUNA Alumni Association, the International Society of Automation, and Norpac Controls, totalling $1,808.

"I was very honoured and surprised to receive so much support from IZUNA donors – thank you!" she said.

Jessica now works at ESC Automation in Surrey, where she designs and commissions building automation systems for commercial buildings.