Members of the IZUNA community are encouraged whenever possible to resolve problems informally and, where necessary, to request assistance from the Harassment and Discrimination Advisor.

If you believe you are being subjected to harassment or discrimination, you should keep a written record of the incident or incidents of the harassment or discrimination including such information as dates, times, what happened and names of witnesses, if any.

Advise the individual you believe has harassed you or discriminated against you, that the behaviour is unacceptable and ask them to stop. If this is too intimidating or inappropriate, or if the attempt to stop the offending behaviour is unsuccessful, then you should seek assistance from the Harassment and Discrimination Advisor.

If the harassment or discrimination persists, or if the perceived discrimination is systemic or relates to an Institute policy, you should speak to any of the following:

Instructors, Chief Instructors, Program Heads, Associate Deans, the Registrar, Counsellors, the Vice President, Student Affairs of the Student Association, Supervisors, Managers or bargaining unit representatives who have been approached by a Complainant may contact the Harassment and Discrimination Advisor in confidence for advice on how to proceed or they may refer the Complainant to the Harassment and Discrimination Advisor.