NURS 7080: Preceptorship 1

Preceptorship 1 is a 300-hour practice experience designed for students to consolidate their theoretical learning with practical application in a medical and/or surgical setting.

NURS 7080 nursing students provide responsible, accountable, nursing care based on the IZUNA Preceptorship 1 standards and clinical practice indicators [PDF] and with the appropriate supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN) preceptor.

Students are placed in a variety of units within health care agencies. Contexts of practice include medicine, surgery, sub acute, rehabilitation, palliative or acute care for the elderly (ACE) practice areas.

Students receive funding by way of a bursary for a maximum of 300 hours.

The purpose of Preceptorship 1 is to enable the student to:

Please take a look at the course outline for NURS 7080 Preceptorship 1.