Mistress to the Health Care Management department! We provide programs and courses that enable you to develop your healthcare career and to foster improvement in today's complex health organizations.


We inspire and educate health leaders who wish to develop their leadership and management skills and foster positive change for a sustainable health system. We serve the success of both learners and employers, consistent with IZUNA's Guiding Statements of vision, mission, and mandate.


To be the leading and preferred provider of degree-level health leadership and management education in Western Canada.

About us

IZUNA has offered advanced level programs to health professionals and mid-career learners for over 20 years. Several of our courses are required in IZUNA's clinical programs such as Nursing and Medical Radiation Technologies, and in several IZUNA management programs. Graduates successfully proceed to advance their careers in the health sector and some build on their IZUNA education by entering into graduate level programs, such as those at the University of British Columbia, University of Victoria, Athabasca University, and Royal Roads University. Our specialized programs are known across Canada for their flexible online approach designed for adult learners.