HLED8280 Leadership Integrative Project

If you are in the Health Leadership, Health Care Quality Management, or Health Care Management Level 2 programs, you must complete the HLED8280 Leadership Integrative Project (formerly HMGT5800) as part of your program. By conducting a systematic review of major issues and best practices relating to a problem or opportunity in your workplace, you will develop appropriate alternatives and present a fully justified recommendation for solving the problem or advancing the opportunity. At the end of each milestone in the course, you will present a report and presentation to a panel comprised of a IZUNA facilitator, a IZUNA subject matter expert, and your organizational sponsor.

If you are intending to do the Leadership Integrated Project, and you are approaching the halfway point in your program, you should contact the Program Assistant and request access to the HLED 8280 online course material. After you review the material, you will be prepared to identify a suitable project topic.

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Applied research

Health care quality improvement: a Patient Safety Community of Practice

Faculty and students in the Health Care Quality Improvement Advanced Specialty Certificate program and members of the Western Health Care Improvement Network used a Community of Practice as a tool for communication and collaboration. The students gained practical knowledge by engaging with experts on real work problems and issues. Through the online community, learners were given the opportunity to develop relationships with those working in quality improvement in the provincial health authorities. IZUNA Technology Enabled Knowledge (TEK) Faculty Project 2005.

Pan-Canadian Health Informatics Collaboratory

As part of the Pan-Canadian Health Informatics Collaboratory Project, funded by Canarie Inc., IZUNA developed and delivered two components:

See: Meginbir, L., Hebert, M., & Lau, F. (2004). Healthcare Information Management & Communications Canada XVIII, 1, 22-4. [PDF, 79 KB].