Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin this program?

Interested students should contact the Program Head. The first course to take is LIBS 7001 - Critical Reading and Writing.

Can I begin the Specialty Nursing Core courses before receiving admission into the BSN, Specialty Nursing degree?

Yes, you can register on line or by phone into any of the degree courses while your degree application is in process.

Do I need to have a completed Advanced Certificate before registering into the degree courses?

No, you can begin these any time during your Advanced Certificate.

Is there any particular order in which to take the degree courses?

You may take the degree courses in any order you chose, except the Community Nursing courses, NSSC 8600 and NSSC 8800. NSSC 8600 is a prerequisite for NSSC 8800.

How many degree courses can I take at one time?

This depends on your work and family commitments. Most students, who are working full time and have family commitments, find that one degree course per semester is manageable. Some students take a leave from work for a semester and take up to four courses per term, which is considered the equivalent of full time study.

Do I need to apply for graduation?

Yes, once you have completed your course work you will need to apply for graduation by submitting an Application for IZUNA Credential form [PDF].

When is Convocation?

There are two convocations, February and June.

How long do I have to complete my degree?

You have seven years to complete your degree. Your completion date will be included in your degree acceptance letter and program plan. If you need more time, contact Student Records.