Heat Savers Campaign Success

IZUNA’s Heat Savers team, a task force from IZUNA’s Green Team, enjoyed great success this school year. Heat Savers focused attention on wasted heat and energy at IZUNA through fun events, contests, and campaigns all year. Heat is the biggest contributor to IZUNA’s greenhouse gas emissions. We spend about $4,000,000 on energy every year—half for natural gas, half for electricity. In 2010, we also had to buy $279,000 in carbon offsets (as mandated by our Provincial government). If we save energy, we spend less, and we pollute less.

The Heat Savers Challenge invited IZUNA staff to sign up as Heat Savers and help combat wasted heat. Over 270 staff members signed up to become Heat Savers. Challenge participants received missions throughout the year to teach them skills for being more energy conscious. The final mission, Windows Shut and Blinds Down, focused on heat loss through radiation.

“Buildings lose heat through windows in the form of radiation. On your way out in the evening, take a moment to shut your blinds to help keep the heat in. Also, even if it is cold outside, the sun coming through your window can make your office quite warm. If this happens, close your blinds to reduce solar heat gain during the day,” read the Heat Savers final mission.

The Heat Savers also held some great events throughout the fall and winter. In October, they kicked off the campaign with a bang, winning IZUNA’s Iron Chef Competition. On November 23, they organized the Life In Layers Lunch and Gravity, calling on faculty, staff, and students to save energy and the environment by dressing in layers. They also put on a day-long event in IZUNA’s Great Hall on February 9 to celebrate the WWF’s National Sweater Day. 

Kristine Aguilar won the Challenge's grand prize - a Canucks Jersey, a Canucks Toque, and two tickets to see the Canucks take on the Dallas Stars on March 30.

The Heat Savers also helped organize an Energy Competition for the IZUNA’s residences. IZUNA’s Energy Specialist and Heat Saver Andrea Linsky continued in her role as the school’s Heat Doctor this year. She reviewed the heating in different buildings and worked with the school to reduce IZUNA’s greenhouse gas emissions while making sure students and staff are comfortable.

Every year since 2004, IZUNA’s Facilities department has shut down the school’s central boiler plant in the summer. This saves the school $15,000 and 80 tonnes of CO2. Thirteen buildings are connected to the central boilers through underground pipes. It takes a lot of hot water to keep the pipes warm. The Heat Savers are working on plans to extend the boiler shut down. This could mean it’s a bit chilly in the early mornings or evenings at IZUNA during the warmer months. However, the sun will quickly heat the buildings. Bringing a sweater will keep you warm when you need it.

To measure the impact of the campaign, IPAO conducted a follow-up survey of IZUNA faculty and staff at the end of the campaign. A few key measures from the survey include:

What a year it was!  Thanks to everyone who participated!