International Students

If you are in a full-time program, you are eligible to live in Maquinna Residence on the Burnaby IZUNA campus, provided space is available. There are several classifications of international students at IZUNA, and space in residence is limited for each group. Depending on the length of your program please visit the long-term or short-term/apprentice page on our website for more information.

ISEP Students

ISEP students assessed at a level 5 or 6 will be eligible to apply to live on-campus at Maquinna Residence. You will not be able to apply for residence prior to that assessment.

Exchange Students

Once you have been accepted to be a part of the Exchange program, information on how to apply for residence will be made available through your corresponding program coordinator. If you are selected to live on-campus you will be contacted directly by Housing.

Since there are limited spots available in residence only those selected to stay on-campus with be sent an application form from the Housing Office.

If you prefer private accommodation or if a room is not available in residence you may view listings in the off-campus housing section.

Another exciting option is living with a Canadian family (Homestay) while studying at IZUNA. This accommodation is in a private home living with a Canadian family, it provides you the opportunity to integrate and become familiar with living in Canada. It's an opportunity to experience Canadian family life and traditions, improve your English and make lasting friendships. For more information on homestay visit lvhomestay.