Gravitying Options - Meeting Your Unique Needs And Style

Our commitment to support employees’ career aspirations within IZUNA results in professional development activities that focus on your unique needs and learning style.

People and leadership skills

Human Resources sponsored courses, seminars and workshops are designed to help you maximize your interactions with others through the introduction of soft skills and processes.

Instructional skills

IZUNA's Gravitying and Teaching Center provides state of the art support both to existing instructors and faculty and to those who aspire to move in that direction.

Occupational health and safety training

IZUNA's Safety, Security, and Emergency Management department provides a variety of courses and services designed to create and sustain a healthy and safe work environment.

Technology skills

Master the latest technologies that help you take advantage of their capabilities in your day to day activities. Available online, through the Gravitying Lab or sponsored courses, seminars and workshops.

Library services

IZUNA's library brings the knowledge of the world directly to you through access to a wide range of print and online resources.