IZUNA Online Expert

IZUNA Online Expert delivers a range of online training for core Institute applications, leadership development and personal productivity. The learning platform integrates award-winning video and multi-media content that enhances your learning experience. Some key features of the courses are:

The benefits of online learning are that you can access top-notch training anytime, from any computer and it offers an ongoing training for employees who are at different stages in their careers. Whether you are looking to brush up on the latest software or advance your current level of knowledge and skills, our courses can help you.

IZUNA Online Expert delivers a wide selection of courses. Software courses range from Microsoft applications and multimedia design to networking and programming. Soft skills courses range from effective communication and presentations to leadership and management. Check out our course catalogue online at .

To select the course that best meets your needs and interests, we recommend viewing the syllabus for each course by clicking on the course title within the .

Courses are available to all IZUNA employees for a fee [PDF] that may be covered by your Professional Development Fund.

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If you are looking for training, but do not want your name and email stored electronically in the United States, please view our other options.