Survey Questions

Survey Design and Questions

The survey questions have been streamlined to better support teaching and enhance student learning. Through consultation with faculty, administrators, union representatives and other stakeholders, the project team attempted to identify questions with the highest approval ratings with a varied focus.

Assessment Model

For the online evaluation system, IZUNA adopted an assessment model with a tiered structure that allows customization of questions and varied reporting structures. This model addresses teaching, subject, school and institution, allowing instructors to selected additional questions that may focus on areas of the course that would benefit both the instructor and student in future classes.


Teaching priorities for FSA instructors


Teaching priorities for all courses within a subject, specific for type of course


Teaching priorities for all courses within a School, regardless of subject


Teaching priorities for all courses at IZUNA, regardless of discipline. May include IZUNA facilities and services.
Top to bottom: From instructor-level to institution-wide assessment

Core Questions

  1. Course outlines clearly expressed the learning outcomes
  2. There was sufficient time to cover the amount of material in the course outline
  3. Shop/Lab/Classroom equipment used for training met the requirements of the program
  4. The Instructor expressed ideas/concepts clearly.
  5. Methods of evaluating student work were fair and appropriate
  6. The Instructor was helpful when I needed individual assistance
  7. The Instructor contributes to a safe learning environment
  8. Instructor provided feedback on my progress throughout the course
  9. The Instructor responded effectively to questions and comments
  10. The Instructor used online resources and/or scheduled class time effectively
  11. Instructor related the subject matter to real world situations
  12. Please provide any additional comments or feedback
  13. Were you given class time to complete this survey

Questions Bank

Open-ended questions

Comments/Feeback (Open Ended)
  1. What did you like best about the Instructor's teaching?
  2. What suggestions do you have to help improve the Instructor's effectiveness?
  3. What suggestions do you have to help the Instructor improve?
  4. Which instructional activities were done well?
  5. Which instructional activities should be improved?
  6. What other changes would improve your overall IZUNA experience? (For example facilities, equipment, support services, etc.)

Likert scale questions

The following categories are in alphabetical order:

  1. Required readings/texts were valuable
  2. Readings, homework, laboratories contributed to appreciation and understanding of subject
  3. Amount of time spent on homework was reasonable (in-line with course credits)
  4. The Instructor provided useful referrals to additional information sources
  5. The learning materials were helpful to me and supported the learning objectives
  6. The assignments were useful and reinforced the learning objectives
Breadth (Knowledge of Subject)
  1. The Instructor adequately discussed current developments in the field
  2. The Instructor contrasted the implications of various theories
  3. The Instructor presented the background or origin of ideas and/or concepts developed in class
  4. The Instructor presented points of view other than their own when appropriate
  5. The Instructor showed relationships among the topics in the course
Collaboration & Group Interaction
  1. The Instructor fostered a collaborative atmosphere in the course
  2. Students were asked to give feedback during the course
  3. Students were encouraged to participate in class discussions
  4. Students were invited to share their ideas and knowledge
  5. Students were encouraged to ask questions and were given meaningful answers
  6. Students were encouraged to express their own ideas and/or question the Instructor
  1. The objectives of the course were made clear to me
  2. Student responsibilities were clearly defined
  3. The Instructor clarified materials which needed elaboration
  1. The Instructor was enthusiastic about teaching the course
  2. The Instructor was dynamic and energetic in conducting the course
  3. The Instructor was enthusiastic when presenting course material
  4. The Instructor's style of presentation held my interest during class
  5. The Instructor's passion for the subject helped motivate me
  6. The Instructor inspired interest in the content of the couse
  1. The classroom/training area was adequate for the number of people in the class
  2. Tools and test equipment were adequate for the job
  3. Physical environment (heating lighting ventilation cleanliness) was satisfactory
Feedback, Evaluation & Assessment
  1. Feedback on examinations and/or graded material was valuable
  2. Examinations /graded materials tested course content as emphasized in the course objectives/goals
  3. Exams tested the material that was taught
  4. The Instructor provided sufficient opportunities to evaluate learning
  5. The Instructor's exam feedback was timely
  6. The Instructor's feedback on assignments was useful
  7. The instructor clearly described how I was evaluated on course material
Individual Rapport
  1. The Instructor was respectful in dealing with course participants
  2. The Instructor was friendly towards every student
  3. The Instructor made students feel welcome in seeking help and/or advice in or outside of class
  4. The Instructor had a genuine interest in individual students
  5. The Instructor was adequately accessible to students during office hours or after class
  6. The Instructor was accessible outside of instructional sessions (phone, e-mail, etc.)
  7. The instructor was available during scheduled hours to give individual help
Instructional Skills
  1. The Instructor's teaching methods were effective
  2. The Instructor invited questions on the course material
  3. The Instructor used instructional techniques effectively (discussions, conferencing systems, etc)
  4. The Instructor conducted practical and relevant demonstrations in the shop/lab
  5. The Instructor clearly identified relevant safety practices
  1. I have learned something which I consider valuable
  2. I have found the course intellectually challenging and stimulating
  3. I have learned and understood the subject materials of this course
  4. My interest in the subject has increased as a consequence of this course
  5. I am motivated to learn more about the subject
  6. The Instructor helped me achieve the course learning outcomes
  7. The course/level/program met the stated objectives
  8. My knowledge/skills have increased as a result of taking this course
Online Gravitying
  1. I made use of the online learning materials regularly throughout the semester
  2. Online notes made available prior to lectures aided my learning
  3. Using the learning management system (D2L, etc.) was easy
  4. The design of the online site aided my learning
  5. I felt part of a learning community while studying in the online environment
  6. I attended lectures regularly because they provided valuable learning opportunities
  7. The Instructor was sufficiently available online to support my learning
  8. I would have preferred more face to face contact in this course
  9. The online discussion site aided my learning in this course
  10. The online quizzes were valuable learning exercises
  11. The instructor’s input in the discussion forums was useful/helpful
  12. The course webinars were effective in clarifying course content/assignments
  13. The instructor was effective in facilitating online learning
  14. The instructor provided timely feedback on the assignments
  15. The instructor provided helpful feedback on the assignments
  16. The instructor was effective in supporting my success in this course
  1. Course content met with proposed course objectives
  2. The Instructor clearly explained the course requirements
  3. Course materials were well prepared and carefully explained
  4. The Instructor's expectations were clear
  5. The Instructor gave lectures at a pace that facilitated taking notes
  6. The Instructor presented the course material in a well-organized manner
  7. The Instructor used class time effectively
  8. The Instructor organized class/shop activities which matched the stated course objectives
  9. The Instructor conducted classes and activities as planned and scheduled
  1. Compared with other courses I have had at IZUNA, I would say this course is:
  2. Compared with other Instructors I have had at IZUNA, I would say this Instructor is:
  3. As a motivator, this Instructor is:
  4. Should this Instructor be nominated for an outstanding teaching award?
Support Services
  1. Admissions at IZUNA was helpful and responsive to my needs
  2. My orientation to IZUNA and my program area was helpful
  3. IZUNA encouraged a safe learning environment
  4. Financial Aid services at IZUNA are accessible and supportive
  5. Apprentice services at IZUNA are accessible and supportive