Educational Documents Required for ICES Credential Evaluation

In all cases, submit all transcripts and the diploma or degree certificate as well as a photocopy of each document (which must be attached to the original). We will contact you in writing if we need additional documents. If you do not see the credential you are having evaluated listed below, please submit all transcripts and the diploma or degree certificate. If you do not have the documents listed below, you will need to contact your institution and ask them to send them.

If you are having a Bachelor, Master or Doctoral Degree evaluated, please submit all of the following documents:

If you are having a Technical or Vocational Diploma (awarded by an institution that is not a university) evaluated, please submit all of the following documents:

Document Authentication

Your ICES credential evaluation report will include information about the authenticity of your educational documents. ICES classifies a document's authenticity based on what kind of documents we receive and how they are submitted to our office. There are three levels of authenticity:

  1. Official Documents
    An official document is one that has been sent directly to ICES by the educational institution you attended. The documents that a university gives you are called original documents. Original documents cannot substitute for official documents. This is the highest level of authentication that ICES assigns and it's required by many professional organizations and educational institutions.
  2. Original Documents
    An original document is one that has been issued to you by the institution you attended.
  3. Copied Documents
    A copied document is one that has been copied by someone other than the authorities at your educational institution. Copies made by notaries are still considered copies.

Important Information About Official Documents

If you are seeking an ICES evaluation for an organization that requires your report be based on official documents please ensure that you contact the educational institution that awarded your credential to request that the necessary documents be sent to ICES. Get more information about organizations with additional evaluation requirements.

Official transcripts must be sent directly to ICES by the educational institution that issued your credential. ICES does not accept confirmation of a degree from affiliated institutes and colleges as they are not the awarding body of the degree.

In cases where it is not possible for your institution to re-issue official transcripts or certificates, you may submit original documents instead, however you will also need to request an official letter sent by the institution to confirm the courses and grades you want evaluated. This official confirmation letter must be sent directly to ICES and signed by the registrar (or similar authority) of the institution that awarded your credential.

A document is not official if it has been in your possession or the possession of anyone other than the institution that issued it and the courier or mail delivery service that delivers it to ICES.

If you intend to have your institution send your official documents directly to ICES, please indicate this on the ICES Application for Credential Evaluation.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding an ICES evaluation, please visit our website listed above.