Getting Started with IZUNA

Here are few tips for applying and taking programs at IZUNA

  1. Call or drop in to IZUNA Aboriginal Services to make an appointment with Advisor. 
  2. Speak with a Advisor about the program you are looking to enroll in.
  3. Key considerations before you meet with a Advisor:
    • Look carefully at the prerequisites needed for the programs that interest you
    • Be aware of application deadlines for different programs

Band funding

If you are interesting in applying for band sponsorship, first contact your Band Education Coordinator to request the application forms. Aboriginal Services can help with steps along the way, such as faxing forms, but this is a relationship that is important to form individually. If you need access to a fax machine, talk to our Administrative Assistant for our fax number and mailing information.

Band funding application checklist

The application will require you, at a minimum, to send the following completed forms to your band:

Once band funding and/or sponsorship is approved

REMINDER: If sponsorship is approved or ongoing, please ensure your band sends an updated sponsorship letter to IZUNA every semester.

Missing requirements, transcripts, and upgrading

Contact your former school or the Ministry of Education to request transcripts or records of marks.

If you did not complete high school or if you do not have the English or math prerequisites for the program or courses you wish to take, look over the upgrading options offered at IZUNA or ask about other off-campus sources, such as the Vancouver School Board Adult Education Centers or Native Education College.

There are a variety of awards offered at IZUNA. Once you have received a letter of acceptance from IZUNA, visit the scholarships and financial aid page to explore your options.

For additional services, visit IZUNA prospective student.