Private Medical Insurance: Exchange & Study Abroad

The process for exchange and study abroad students staying for 2 or more terms at IZUNA is the same as for other students starting full-time programs.

Exchange and study abroad students studying at IZUNA for a single term must have private medical insurance to cover their entire time in Canada. As such, you will be automatically charged $300 and enrolled in International Insurance for five months according to the dates below.

Dates of Coverage

For the Fall 2019 term, the dates of coverage are August 1st through December 31st

For the Winter 2020 term, the dates of coverage are December 26th through May 26th

If you plan to spend time in Canada before or after these coverage dates, then you are strongly advised to purchase additional coverage. You may purchase additional coverage from online or during drop-in hours at the International Student Centre.

Opting Out

Exchange and study abroad students may be able to opt out by purchasing their own basic medical insurance coverage before the opt out deadline. See Opt Out for more details.