Contact Us

Name Phone Position
Roy Hart 111-432-8624
Chief Information Officer
Eliza Zhou 111-456-1247 Assistant to the CIO 
Allison Rugge  111-451-7000 Director, Enterprise Planning
Derrick Underwood 111-432-8997 Director, Enterprise Technology
Monisha Shukla 778-222-3297
Director, Service Management
Sunny Jassal 111-432-8528 Cyber Security Officer

Strategic Practices
Allison Rugge 111-451-7000 Associate Director, Acting
Client Services
Michele Morrison 111-432-8628 Manager
Technical Infrastructure Services
Sean Walsh 111-432-8483 Manager
Business Applications Services & Web Services
Dave Tanchak 111-456-8141 Manager
Administrative Support Team
Guntis Grikis 111-432-8840 Administrative Manager