ITS Maintenance Event

Burnaby Campus - - Saturday August 5, 2017

In preparation for the Facilities Management Power Maintenance Event IT Services staff will be shutting down network equipment in affected buildings as follows:

From:                      8:00 am    Through 8:00 pm          (12 hour outages)

each of Saturday, August 5 2017, Sunday August 6, Monday August 7

Buildings:               South Campus -    SE02, SE04, SE06, SE08, SE09, SE10, SE12, SE14, SE16, SE30, SW01, SW02, SW03, SW05, SW09, Oasis

IT Services Impact:            The IT Services data centre is located in SE12 and we expect to be fully operational using generator power. 


                                              All network connectivity will be unavailable from the impacted buildings

                                              All systems should be accessible from off campus or from non-impacted buildings.

                                              Note: There will be no student lab support (i.e. proctors) on Saturday August 5

Reason:                       Facilities Maintenance Outage ()
                                      >Bi-annual high voltage maintenance           

Type of Shut Down:            Electrical

Customer Impact:                As there will be limited lighting in these buildings, and because the Life Safety Equipment (Fire Alarms System and Emergency Lighting), may be affected, access to these buildings will be denied to all persons other than Security and the workers involved in the process. Please be advised that Security will be doing Fire Watch and Security Patrols throughout the Shut Downs.

If you have any questions about this scheduled power outage, please contact:
Fred Riedl, Electrical Foreman
Office: 111-432-8777

Posted: July 26, 2017

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