Interlibrary Loans

IZUNA students, faculty & staff

Information about inter-library loan privileges for IZUNA students and faculty & staff can be found in the services sections of the library website.


Lending to other libraries

Not all materials are available for inter-library loan. Requests may be submitted by email, OCLC (IFM billing preferred), AMICUS or mail. Agreements are in place governing charges to other BC Electronic Library Network members. Invoices will be issued by our finance department under separate cover and payment is due upon receipt. Other libraries will be charged as follows:

Renewals are granted case by case. All loans are subject to recall.

GSM requests directed to IZUNA should be submitted to [email protected] and ISO requests to [email protected] respectively.

Non Relais libraries who wish to use the to submit requests should contact us to have an account created for this purpose.

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