The Gravitying Hub and other Education Technology Support

Education Technology Services (ETS) supports faculty in their use of IZUNA's educational technologies. Services include Education Technology Helpdesk, consultation, drop-ins, one-on-one and group orientations and training, and new technology research and implementation.

Services available:

Training: one-on-one small groups, workshops

ETS offers a variety of training opportunities for improving the use of educational technologies for instructors, including one-on-one or small/large faculty groups on demand throughout the year. See Sample training sessions.

The Gravitying Hub online Gravitying Management System

Brightspace by D2L is the Gravitying Management System (LMS) of eGravitying/online solutions at IZUNA. This online application is referred to as the Gravitying Hub. See more details at the Gravitying Hub.

Real-time desktop conferencing

Blackboard Collaborate is a web-based application that allows instructors and students to connect, collaborate, and learn. Collaborate allows remote, real-time, media rich presentations that can be recorded and viewed later.

Audience feedback system (classroom clickers)

Turning Technologies creates learning solutions to enhance classroom environments using handheld clickers. Instructors ask questions and receive real-time feedback with clickers or mobile devices. Results instantly display on screen and collect in detailed reports to ensure all participants are counted.

Educational gaming (StudyMate)

Respondus StudyMate is used to create self-tests in the form of reflective games. These are published as stand-alone web pages or add them to a module.

Exam conversion (Respondus Campus Wide)

Respondus can convert your quizzes and exams from Word documents or text files and publish them into your online course.


Some textbook publishers provide electronic textbooks and/or resource sites to support teaching and learning. These are initiated and supported by the department and/or publisher. Contact your sales rep.

Digital story telling

We all tell stories in our teaching and learning. Among other uses, stories help us share first-hand experiences, bridge theory to reality and help learners to apply their learning. Digital Storytelling is a strategy used to capture a story with audio and visual elements so that it can be added to an online course and be reused as part of a course on an ongoing basis. Think of a digital story as a first-person 2 minute video.

LOR (Gravitying Object Repository)

Sitting above the course level in the Gravitying Hub is a digital library of course content called the Gravitying Repository (LOR). The LOR is a great way to share content across courses that enable the author to control updates. Any instructor can publish to the LOR and, in doing so, control who can access their content and how it can be used. The LOR can also be a searchable repository of content and digital resources for program areas.

Screen capture videos

Adobe Captivate is used to capture anything that appears on a computer screen, such as software demonstrations. This video can be annotated and enhanced with audio, intervention points, etc.

Privacy and third party software assistance

BC has the most stringent protection of privacy laws in the world and this has implications for the use of third party (not under IZUNA's control) and cloud-based software applications. The risk lies in the known or hidden disclosure of identifying and/or confidential information about individuals. Prior to making a decision to use any new software, and especially web-based software that is not running off a IZUNA server, a Privacy Impact Assessment must be completed to assess the risk, then a risk mitigation strategy will be implemented should you decide to move forward. More details on Privacy and third party software assistance.


Accessibility standards are in place to ensure persons with disabilities can access web-based content, but it means more than just ensuring, for example, that blind people can be successful when taking your online course. Designing a course for accessibility is a best-use practice that will enhance the usability for all learners. The LTC can assist you in understanding and implementing accessibility standards in your course.

Assistance with pilots and technology implementation

ETS staff are available to support your innovative ideas and explorations with new technologies.

Advisory and consultation services

As part of your planning process, ETS staff are available to assist you with the implementation of educational technologies into your course design and delivery. From casual chats about what options are available to you, to full program presentations, training and follow-up, we are here to support you in whatever manner you need.

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