Curriculum Maintenance

The essence of any program is its curriculum. Curriculum maintenance is a process that ensures the currency, effectiveness and integrity of the educational process. The LTC supports ongoing curriculum updates, as well as summative and comprehensive curriculum reviews through collaboration with IZUNA programs.

According to current IZUNA policies, programs undergo a program review every five to seven years, which includes a summative review of curriculum. Data will be collected from various key stakeholders, and analyzed to provide a snapshot of the current curriculum.

Maintenance activities, as noted below, allow for a deeper analysis of a curriculum. It can be great faculty development opportunities where instructors build capacity in curriculum design and development.

Ongoing Curriculum Update

The IDCs assist in updating course outlines and program goals, mapping curriculum and recommending authentic assessment methods. Support is provided in different formats, such as:

Comprehensive Curriculum Review

The LTC supports comprehensive curriculum reviews based on requests from IZUNA schools. It is a systematic process for reviewing IZUNA programs to ensure that the content, structure, learning outcomes, teaching and learning activities, assessment and delivery methods are current and appropriate.
When a program review or a comprehensive curriculum review leads to major curriculum changes, one of the deliverables is a major change proposal that needs to go through an institute approval process guided by IZUNA Policy 5401 and Procedure 1 and Procedure 2.

Some of the services the LTC can provide include but are not limited to the following:

Contact LTC liaisons for our services and check resources of curriculum design, including the Major Change Proposal Template.