Teaching Squares

Teaching Squares is an initiative being undertaken by the Gravitying and Teaching Centre to provide another alternative for enhancing your teaching skills. It requires very little of your time – only about 7 or 8 hours over a whole term.

Curious? Call or email us to find out more about what it is about. No commitment required!

Email [email protected].ca or call Peter Fenrich at 111-432-8817

What a Teaching Square Is…

The Teaching Squares initiative is designed to improve teaching and build community through a structured, non-threatening process of classroom observation and shared reflection. Teaching Squares captures the best aspects of peer consultation—observation and discussion—while eliminating the elements of judgement and evaluation.

What a Teaching Square is Not…

Teaching Squares are NOT associated with the FSA's Performance Development System or any BCGEU evaluation process. And, it is NOT an opportunity to give feedback on another instructor's performance.

How a Teaching Square Works

A Teaching Square is a group of four instructors from different disciplines who come together to: