Aerospace Technology Campus

3800 and 3820 Cessna Drive, Richmond

The Aerospace Technology Campus offers paid parking with the following services:

Note the starting period when purchasing E-permit parking for full time or part-time studies:

  1. E-Permit Full Time accounts are purchased starting Monday to Friday.
  2. E-Permit Part-Time accounts are purchased commencing on the first evening of the class.

Verrus e-permits - weekly

E-permits provide students a web based parking alternative. The program is fast and easy, requires no permits and avoids line ups at parking ticket dispensers. Simply go on line and purchase parking for the number of weeks required.

Parking lot signage has been provided with detailed information for each parking lot configuration. Please take the opportunity to understand your responsibilities.

Parking ticket dispensers

Parking Ticket Dispensers at the Aerospace Technology Campus provide "pay by license plate customer service". The customer inputs license plate, makes their payment and retains the ticket receipt for proof of purchase. Pay by license plate is available in the student and visitor parking lots only.

The parking ticket dispenser accepts credit card options only, including prepaid credit cards.

The parking ticket dispensers are located:

Parking rates

E-Permit - student parking lot:


Student Daily Parking:



Visitor Parking

Public transportation

Employees and students are encouraged to use public transportation and car pools whenever possible. For further information please refer to website.

Parking penalties

All vehicles

If you feel you have grounds to appeal a parking penalty, present your appeal to .