Parking Permits

Full-time students can purchase a parking permit the following way:

E-permit Full Time accounts are purchased weekly starting Monday to Sunday.

Part-time students can purchase a parking permit in one of two ways:

  1. Burnaby Campus only - online, weekly up to sixteen weeks per purchase. To , have your license plate number and a valid credit card number ready. E-permit Part-Time accounts are purchased commencing on the first evening of class.
  2. All Campuses - Parking Ticket Dispensers at the Campuses provide "pay by stall customer service". The customer inputs the parking stall number they have parked in, makes their payment and retains the ticket receipt for proof of purchase.

Students with motorcycles must purchase an or pay by stall permit from the parking ticket dispenser for parking at all Campuses.

Please note that the parking ticket dispensers accepts credit card options only, including prepaid credit cards.

Faculty and employees can purchase a parking permit by: