Resources for Students

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Some of the following files are provided in Portable Document Format [PDF] which requires the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

PCAS has compiled the following student resources [PDF] to assist you with your post-secondary experience.

BC Post-Secondary communication access guidelines

These documents were developed to provide guidelines related to student, institutional, and interpreter responsibilities for communication access in post-secondary institutions.

Due to the current shortage of interpreters in BC, there may be times when students wish to work with service providers without formal training. Your disability service coordinator may ask you to sign and alternate service acceptance agreement [PDF]. You will be agreeing that you wish to proceed with service despite impact on educational success.

Handbook for students using TypeWell

Transcribing provides visual access to verbal information. Using special software on a laptop computer, a transcriber will type the verbal interactions in the class, including the lecture, comments by other students and class discussions, which you will be able to read on your laptop. You have the option of typing questions or comments and having the transcriber vocalize them for you.

You will be provided with a copy of the TypeWell notes as they appeared on the screen at the end of each class. This instant note access means that you do not have to wait to review your notes.

Handbook for students using TypeWell manual [PDF] and Handbook for students using Remote Transcribing Service [PDF] provide an overview of transcribing services in colleges, institutes, and universities in BC, how to request the services, as well as guidelines related to student, institutional, and transcriber responsibilities for in-class and remote transcribing settings.

TypeWell Transcribing Video

This 20-minute video was produced by PCAS specifically for students. You can learn about:

You can obtain a DVD through our contact us page.