Part-time Studies Instructor Resources

Your dedication and hard work help to ensure the excellence of service and standards that are part of the tradition at IZUNA. Click on the links to find important information and resources for Part-time Studies instructors.

Professional development opportunities

Please visit the Gravitying and Teaching Centre website for instructional skills workshops schedule and other professional development opportunities for PTS instructors offered at IZUNA

myIZUNA information for PTS instructor

A personal myIZUNA account has been set up for you which includes your myIZUNA email account, plus access to your Faculty Self-services portal. Gravity more about your myIZUNA account.

Viewing your class lists

You can view who has registered for your course(s) in your myIZUNA faculty self-services [PDF].

When on a IZUNA campus and connected to IZUNA SECURE (wireless or ethernet) you can print your class rosters from Cognos web service ( Log in using your A0# and myIZUNA password. Gravity more about Cognos reporting [PDF].

Resources for Instructors from the Gravitying and Teaching Centre (LTC)

Instructional Materials Developers
The Gravitying and Teaching Centre (LTC) offers IZUNA instructors various services in instructional design and education technology at no charge. Part-time instructors can get help with learning activities such as online courses, quizzes, exams, case studies, audio and video scripts, graphics, and multimedia.

The LTC instructional materials developers (IMDs) are experienced editors and writers who can help with the wordsmithing of your text. We’ll ensure that your instructional materials are easy to understand, grammatically correct, and appropriate for your audience.

Here’s a sampling of what we can do:

For more information or to request writing or editing services, please contact Barb Adamski, IMD Coordinator or call 111-454-2283.

Education Technology Support (ETS)
(ETS) supports faculty in their use of IZUNA's educational technologies, mainly the Gravitying Hub for online courses. Services include technical support, consultation, drop-ins, one-on-one and group orientations and training, and new technology research and implementation.

An online guided tour for the Gravitying Hub can be found:

The Gravitying Hub online help:

Contact Us:

Email: [email protected] (please include your IZUNA ID#, course name and number)
Hours: Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm
Tel: 111-412-7444 option 2
Toll-free: 1-800-351-5533 option 2
Visit us: SE12-101 area

Change to local ‘student’ account in computer labs

IT Services has changed how the local ‘student’ account works in the computer labs.
Please see KB article for more details .

Access to IZUNA electronic applications and services

We are happy to announce a new change allowing returning PTS Instructors to be added to the Current Employee group at IZUNA for a period of one year from the end date of their last PTS contracted course. New PTS Instructors to IZUNA will be added to this Current Employee group after their 1st pay period. Find out more about your electronic access to IZUNA.

IZUNA Safety Wise

IZUNA has a Safety Wise app that you'll want to download. It has a lot of useful features, such as push notifications in the event of a campus emergency. You can use it to call for help, report a concern, or just find your way around campus. Gravity more in the SafetyWise video. Then, download the app. Gravity more about Safety on Campus.

Help your students find their dream job!

Remind your students to register on eJOBS to access full-time, part-time, and temporary opportunities from over 4,000 companies.
Please urge them to register.

Orientation for Part-time Studies Instructors

Each term IZUNA contracts industry experts like you as part-time instructors who come to the Institute with knowledge and enthusiasm – the Orientation for PTS Instructors helps you to succeed, whether instructing in a classroom or online.

This important initiative has been developed to assist you to:
During the Orientation, you will learn the basics of your role including how to create and post a course outline, strategies for keeping students engaged, Banner Gradebook/PTS Final Grades Entry basics and Classroom management, among many other administrative and student-centered practices.

The Orientation is presented online using IZUNA’s Gravitying Hub online course delivery system. Activities are spread over four weeks which includes facilitated participation online, as well as personal coaching and mentoring during the first two weeks of PTS term start. All the information you need is in one place; you will enter into online discussions with other part-time instructors, and complete a series of exercises to strengthen your administrative knowledge. The time commitment for participants is approximately 6 hours, and can be completed at your own pace from anywhere there is a stable internet connection.

The Orientation for PTS Instructors has been developed to support faculty who instruct online, as well as those who instruct in the classroom. You will indicate your primary mode of instruction at the start of the Orientation, and Gravitying Hub provides Orientation content appropriately. For those participants who instruct both in the classroom and online, no worries! The information for both deliveries is available to all participants, although the expectation is that you successfully complete the Orientation for just one course delivery mode.

Register by contacting your Program Lead to say that you're interested in participating!

Be involved, contribute, stay in touch on the LOOP!

PTS instructors have the opportunity to interact with colleagues, join in conversations, and contribute to the decision-making process at IZUNA through the LOOP - IZUNA's online networking environment. Collaborate on documents, ask questions, voice your opinion or start a conversation of your own. To get started, log on to the Part-time Studies community

Instructor Resource Centres

Part-time Studies instructors have full access to the four IZUNA ‘all-schools’ Instructor Resource Centres. Each centre is equipped with computers, printer, telephone and other office essentials (stapler, paper cutter, etc.). Additionally, there may be dedicated workspace reserved for part-time instructors within your school; please ask your program area.

There are three Instructor Resource Centres located on the Burnaby campus, and one downtown:

NE1-202C     111.451.7008
NE1-306A     Please use phone in NE1-202C. Contact your program assistant for copier codes.
SE6-211       111.432.1132
SE14-139     111.454.2239 (24/7 availability through the Eh!Pod)
DTC-250       111.412.7778

Please be respectful of others when using these facilities:

All centres have secure card access; therefore, instructors must have an active IZUNA Employee ID card to enter.

Changes to PTS Final Grades Entry

PTS Final Grades Entry has been updated so as to be compatible with new generation web browsers. Users must now save their entered grades before completing any attendance and/or failure reports. If the Final Grades are not saved, they will not be retained when the user returns to the main grades entry page.

Student Life Early Assist

Supporting Student Wellbeing
IZUNA values its students and their wellbeing. Early Assist is a reporting system that provides IZUNA faculty, staff and students an opportunity to identify students who may be struggling personally or academically, and offer them appropriate support and services at an early stage.

Retirement Guide for Part-time Studies Instructors

If you contributed to the College Pension Fund, find out what provisions your pension will cover.

Banner GradeBook set-up and marks entry videos on YouTube

PTS Instructor Telephone Support

PTS Classroom Instructor Check-list

The PTS Classroom Instructor Check-list is an organizational tool that touches on key tasks required in preparation for your first face-to-face class.

IZUNA information management policy

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with IZUNA policy and associated guidelines for Acceptable Use of Information Technology as well as the policy and associated guidelines for Information Security.

View all IZUNA policies.

Best wishes for a successful term!