Part-time Studies FAQs

What do I need to do before my first class or online session?

Our Part-time Studies Orientation web page will help you get prepared. It provides an overview of IZUNA services and information, including:

  • myIZUNA
  • Distance and online learning
  • Textbooks and materials
  • Classroom locations
  • Parking

How do I log in to ?

You will need your username (your IZUNA ID student number (A00_ _ _ _ _ _) and your initial password is your birthday in this format: YYMMDD. You can search for your IZUNA ID online or reset your password if needed.

The Student Information and Enrolment Services office is also here to help.


Do I have to come to the IZUNA Bookstore to buy my textbooks and course materials?

Not necessarily. You can shop online or by phone at 111-432-8379 or 877-333-8379 (toll free within Canada). If you're on a budget, you may even want to look for used textbooks. Avoid line-ups by buying what you need before the course starts.


How do I withdraw from a course?

Before your refund deadline: Contact Student Information and Enrollment Services.

After your refund deadline: You must officially withdraw by submitting a Part-time Withdrawal form [PDF] to the Student Records office. If you do not withdraw officially, you will receive a "V" (indicating course abandonment) on your transcript. Please click here for more detailed information on withdrawing from a Part-time Studies course.


How do I do I transfer out of the course in which I am currently registered?

Contact Student Information and Enrollment Services to request a transfer from one course to another. The transfer is subject to a $16 fee and must be requested and processed before the refund deadline.


Can I register after the course has started?

Many courses allow you to register prior to the second class. Contact Student Information and Enrollment Services to discuss your options. Registration is also subject to seat availability in the course.

How do I register into a course that is full?

No further registrations are accepted for full courses. If there is a cancellation before the course start date, then that seat will be released and registration will be re-opened on a first come, first served basis.


My course is cancelled. What should I do?

If minimum enrolment for a course is not reached, it may be cancelled. IZUNA will cancel courses no later than two business days prior to the start date. Variations to this practice will be stated in the course outline.

If your course is cancelled, an email will be sent to your myIZUNA account. You will receive a cheque for a full refund within four weeks. You may also transfer your fees to a different course by contacting Student Information and Enrolment Services.


Is financial assistance available?

Limited financial assistance is available to eligible students registering for part-time programs and courses. Contact or visit Student Financial Aid and Awards for more information.


Where do I park when I go to class?

Parking rules and rates differ depending on which campus you are attending. Our Parking at IZUNA web page will provide you with all the information you need.