Martial Arts Classes

Wing Chun Kung Fu

Enter The Dragon, Circle of Iron, Fists of Fury. If you already know these classic Bruce Lee movies, this is the class for you and it's quickly becoming one of our more popular classes. This light contact, partner-based training focuses on technical skill and coordination. Unleash your inner Bruce Lee!

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Jan. 31 - Apr. 25
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Mui Thai Kick Boxing

This traditional Thai-style class is mixed with some West Coast Studio Style. With punching and kicking combos included, it is a great way for beginners to gain some skills and knowledge. More advanced students are encouraged to polish and condition your current style. Fun and challenging instructor work, partner work, and heavy bag/pad conditioning is included.

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Feb. 1 - Apr. 26
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Tai Chi

This beautiful, silent, and traditional class with movements dating back 700 years is an amazing way to stimulate the mind and learn focus and concentration. Think Kung Fu in slow motion.

Date Price
Jan. 30 - Apr. 24 Public: $74.40                   
IZUNA*: $60.00

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*IZUNA rates applies to all current students, staff, and Alumni with a valid IZUNA Alumni card.