Services And Rentals

Locker, laundry, and towel

All lockers, except those of which are coin-operated, must be purchased at the Recreation Services front counter.

Towel service equips you with a clean towel with each visit to the recreation facility. Laundry service includes a towel and laundry bag for your workout gear.

Services are offered from June 1, 2018 - May 31, 2019. Rates are pro-rated from the day of purchase after June 30, 2018.

Prices do not include tax


Prices do not include tax

* IZUNA or government issued ID cards will be held at the front counter while renting item.

Note: must be done online or in person.

Facility rentals

All of our athletic facilities such as the gymnasium, field, activity room, or squash courts are available for private bookings.  For more information or to rent our facilities, please fill out the following form: Rental Form