Emergency Response Teams

IZUNA’s Emergency Response Teams are mainly volunteers made up of IZUNA employees. Our team members come from all walks of life, many with varied emergency response experience and training.

There are several different Emergency Response Teams at IZUNA:

Policy Group

The Policy Group provides high-level strategic advice and guidance to the EOC Director. IZUNA's Leadership Team fills the role of the Policy Group and comprises of the President, Vice-Presidents.

Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) Team

The Emergency Operations Centre team is responsible for the overall management of the (EOC) during an emergency response. Members on this team are generally in similar roles to their daily positions. Depending on the size of the event and the level of EOC activation EOC members are mobilized as needed.

Incident Command Team

The Incident Command Team are assigned to an Incident Command Centre/Incident Command Post and will coordinate the event from the site and report to the EOCEmergency Shelter & Accommodation (ESA) - Burnaby campus

Light Urban Search and Rescue Team

The Light Urban Search and Rescue Team (LUSAR) functions primarily include rapid damage building assessment; light urban search and rescue; basic first-aid; setting up of shelters and soup kitchens; and the dispensing of personal emergency kits to displaced persons.

Emergency Shelter & Accomodation (ESA) - Burnaby Campus

There are three situations that may require the activation of the ESA Team to provide additional support to its employees and students:

Both shelters and overnight accommodation facilities will be operated in an "austere" manner. The objective is to provide safe, secure facilities until persons can either be sent home or returned to work or class. The resources available within IZUNA will limit the level of services provided to the bare minimum.

Animal Response - Burnaby Campus

The Animal Response Team provides for the immediate care, control and safety of animals requiring refuge at a IZUNA emergency pet shelter.

Convergent Volunteer Management Team  - Burnaby Campus

IZUNA expects convergent volunteers to show up after an emergency or disaster. Many bring a wide range of skills and training. Effectively managed, convergent volunteers can help assist IZUNA’s response and recovery operations. The Convergent Volunteer Management Team manages and coordinates the assignment of convergent volunteers.

Unmanned Aircraft Response Team - Burnaby Campus

The use of UAV’s capture rapid, comprehensive and reliable information on the actual extent of an event by using real-time high resolution photography. UAV’s can assist first responders, incident command and the emergency operations Centre to determine the required course of action.
UAV’s can also be used to record and document an event for post disaster evaluation.

Amateur Radio Team - Burnaby

The Amateur Radio Team is activated in the event of a disaster when normal lines of communication are non-functioning. Outside of an event, the team reverts to an amateur radio club. ART members are employees and students.

First Aid

At each campus our trained and experienced First Aid attendants (level 2 or higher) join our field ERTs when they are doing search and rescue to provide treatment for casualties who need more than basic first aid. The First Aid attendants also set up triage in the event of an incident if needed.

Fire Wardens

Fire wardens are responsible for helping to ensure the safety of the IZUNA community. Fire Wardens responsibilities include sweeping and evacuating their assigned areas, directing people to the nearest designated assembly area (or areas of refuge for persons with mobility impairments) and reporting to IZUNA’s security.


All emergency response teams receive ongoing training in many areas of emergency response including all aspects of emergency operation centre and emergency support services, light urban search and rescue (LUSAR), rapid damage building assessment, incident command system, animal response, first aid (level one) including automated external defibrillator, amateur radio, portable radio communications, scribe training and so forth. Other relevant courses are offered as needed. Cross training is encouraged.

Equipment for team members

Most teams have identification vests with the IZUNA and team logos. Depending on the team, all members are given specific equipment and supplies to enable them to complete their role.