Emergency 911

Calling 911 at IZUNA

The IZUNA – 911 system is a PC based application that provides your telephone number and location to E-Comm when you dial 911 from a IZUNA telephone. This allows E-Comm to telephone you back, if required, and allows them to direct emergency response personnel to your exact location.

 is the emergency communications center for south western BC.

Alerts To IZUNA Security

The IZUNA - 911 system will alert IZUNA Security whenever a 911 call is made from a IZUNA telephone. The system will display the originating telephone number, associated staff name and location of the telephone from which the 911 call was made. In this way, IZUNA Security will be able to provide rapid response to the emergency, even before emergency services personnel arrive on the scene.

Emergency Services Hotline

Metro Vancouver Police agencies, Fire departments and Ambulance dispatch, will be given a hotline telephone number to reach IZUNA Security. This will allow them to easily ask Security for driving directions to the correct building, provide after hours building access if required and obtain an update on the status of the emergency.

Cellular telephones

E-Comm 9-1-1 call takers respond to thousands of calls each day and the estimate is that close to 50% of the calls are from cellular telephones. When you are calling from a cellular telephone, you must be able to tell the call taker your exact location.

Tips for using 911

If you call 911 accidentally, stay on the line and explain rather than just hanging up. This avoids having security staff spending time following up and searching for you.

Additional tips on 911 calls can be found at the attached E-Comm web page links: