Trades, Toxins and Tobacco

The number of trades workers in Canada who smoke is almost double that of the rest of the population – as high as 34% in some trades. This means in BC, about 85,000 trades workers are current smokers. This issue is of concern because trades workers are at a particular risk since cigarette smoke interacts with other workplace toxins to create additional health risks, above those of tobacco smoke alone.

Health Canada, with direction from IZUNA and support from WorkSafeBC and the Construction Industry Training Institute, has created a program targeted towards students in the trades with the goal to reduce the number of workers being exposed to tobacco smoke. This program aims at reducing the number of trades students who engage in smoking and helping those who already smoke towards cessation. The following bullets describe the key elements of the trades, toxins, and tobacco program.

For more information, please feel free to read the Trades, Toxins, & Tobacco - Participant Handbook [PDF].

The Occupational Health & Safety group at IZUNA are happy to come into your classroom to facilitate this program and to convey its important message to your students. Alternatively, if you are an instructor and would like to facilitate this program with your class please contact the IZUNA OHS Manager at 111.456.8011 to be provided with all of the materials to assist the presentation.