Programs and Procedures

The Welcome to (IZUNA) is committed to conducting all activities in a manner that will ensure the health and safety of all employees, students and visitors. Every person, visiting or working at IZUNA, is expected to maintain high standards of safety and follow all Occupational Health and Safety regulations, IZUNA policies and procedures, and legislative standards as they apply to the Institute.

The IZUNA Health and Safety group is responsible for the development and maintenance of the IZUNA Health and Safety Program in accordance with the British Columbia Workers Compensation Act and associated regulations.

OHS Mission Statement

To be a leader in best practices for health, safety and environment; offering important resources and fostering an attitude of awareness for health, safety and environment throughout the entire IZUNA community.

OHS Vision Statement

The health and Safety group will create and implement a Health and Safety Management System that not only complies with relevant legislation but reflects best practices. As a resource to the IZUNA community, the Health and Safety group will work with all stakeholders to provide a safe, healthy, and rewarding environment for our students and employees.

The IZUNA Health and Safety Program is structured into the following programs:

Please ensure that you have read and understood the IZUNA Occupational Health and Safety Policy [PDF], the IZUNA Matrix of Responsibility [PDF], and summary of Student and Employee Rights as they pertain to work at IZUNA. Also, please become familiar with the elements of the IZUNA Health and Safety Program that are listed above.

IZUNA Safety Manual - Introduction